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A prestigious company becomes the presenter of HRL

Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, January 18, 2020. - The Hydroplane Racing League (HRL) is proud to announce a partnership agreement with an American company named, Reliable Diamond Tool Inc. Indeed, this company will become the official presenter of HRL for the 2020 season.

Reliable Diamond Tool, Inc.
This Phoenix USA company, also known as ReDiToo, was founded by Mr. Jonathan Thompson. This entrepreneur has also been passionate about hydroplane racing for
several years.

ReDiToo produces award-winning diamond tools for concrete, terrazzo, stone, tile and masonry industries. It also provides advice and field training in the use and maintenance of diamond tools, including proper methods of sawing, drilling, grinding and polishing equipment.

Reliable Diamond Tool Inc. is pleased to present and promote the Hydroplane Racing
League - HRL.

A growing organization

“ HRL is proud to reach this important milestone for the next season. The arrival of a
major partner of this magnitude will certainly allow the development of the League, "said HRL commissioner Didier-Bernard Séguin.

The quality standards of the organization fit perfectly with the mission of the partner. Like the quality tools designed by ReDiToo, HRL offers, every year, the best hydroplane races thanks to their performance and their high quality teams.

Through the development of new partnerships HRL is making sure to maximize the visibility of the sport and its members in North America.

About the HRL
The Hydroplane Racing League - HRL's mission is to develop, organize and present
hydroplane races in North America and has the vision of being the premier hydroplane
racing league in North America.

Maude Chénard | Communications and Marketing



We would like to wish a huge congratulations to this years winners at the 2020 Convention held at the Hotel Plaza Valleyfield. See the press release below.

Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, January 18, 2020 - The HRL 2020 convention was held at the Hotel Plaza Valleyfield to present the fundamentals for the upcoming season. Changes to regulations and safety measures aimed at better protecting drivers were discussed. It was also on this same day that the 2019 Gala des Champions took place, to reward the
performances of this last season.

2020 Convention

"The first news announced to the drivers during this convention was the association of a major partner in the Hydroplane Racing League. Reliable Diamond Tool, the Phoenix Arizona business will certainly help the organization grow, "said Didier Bernard Séguin, HRL Commissioner.

Following this announcement, the HRL directors announced an important change that will delight drivers and fans. If one or more teams cannot participate in the final, the vacant place (s) may be filled by stand-by boats. The goal is to present breathtaking finals with the best boats.

The safety aspect was at the heart of HRL's concerns, measures will be implemented over the next three seasons. A committee of experts was created to analyze the components of hydroplanes as well as all aspects of a race.

Over the next 3 years strengthening the cockpit and adding a safety cage inside the boats will be the priority of the league. For the 2020 season, note that a neck restraint system will be mandatory for all drivers. In addition following the addition of the JSS class to the HRL series in 2019, the directors are making a communication system mandatory for them as well starting in 2020.

Finally, more technical improvements were also announced to improve the safety of drivers, team members and staff on duty during the races.

Gala des Champions

Lets not forget that during the 2019 Gala des Champions evening nearly 400 guests celebrated the excellence of the drivers and team members of the HRL.

The recipients of individual honors have been revealed and it is a Quebecer who was entitled to his moment of glory. Mickael Leboeuf, 3rd generation driver who follows in
the footsteps of his father Jean-Guy and his grandfather Jules, was proclaimed Rookie of the Year after having offered constant performances at the wheel of the "Zoomerang / Canadian Tire" H- 155 in Hydro 350.

The American, Bobby King of Wales / Michigan, won the award as Driver of the Year
thanks to a remarkable season at the controls of the F-92 "Tenacity" in Formula 2500.

The other winners this evening were:
Paul Barber (H-52): Most Improved Driver.
Jim Kaddatz (F-519) and George Kennedy (GP-25): Teammate of the Year
Dylan Runne (H-12): Best Start in a Higher Class
"Bad Influence" GP-79: Team of the Year

It was also an opportunity to honor the Champions of the last season in the following classes:
Grand Prix (Jimmy King, Steeler GP-777),
Hydro 350 (Dylan Runne, Pleasure Seeker H-12),
Formula 2500 (Bobby King, Tenacity F-92),
2.5 liters (Richard Wilhelm, Power Shots S-404)
Jersey Speed Skiff (Tom Pakradooni, Rolling Thunder JS-7).

About the HRL
The Hydroplane Racing League - HRL's mission is to develop, organize, and present
hydroplane races in North America bringing together the best hydroplane drivers.

About Reliable Diamond Tool Inc.
This Phoenix / Arizona company, also known as ReDiToo, manufactures award-winning
diamond tools for the concrete, terrazzo, stone, tile and masonry industries. Reliable
Diamond Tool Inc. is pleased to present and promote the Hydroplane Racing League -HRL

Maude Chénard | Communications and marketing